07/25/2008 09:13

Hello John,
Outstanding job. The site looks good so far. Keep the great work. I am always here for your needs and assistance. Give my regards to your fellow Legion membership and as a retired CO from Clinton to my fellow blue shirts.

In service to Veterans
J. Gilbert
Public Relations Dept. of New York

Jose A. Flores
02/02/2009 05:12

Greetings, Brothers and Sisters

It’s great to see the dedication in this site. now That I am back from active duty, I will roll up my sleeves and get right to work with the post; I only see good things with Post 1123

In Service to Veterans
Honor, Courage, commitment

H Venturina
02/14/2009 17:34

Fantastic Job! Keep up the hard work..

V. James Troiola
02/17/2009 22:17


The website looks great! You and your fellow Legion members have done a miraculous job in the short time you have been revitalized in the meeting area, website and your involvement in the community. You should all be proud of your accomplishments.

For God and Country

V. James Troiola
9th District Commander
American Legion Department of New York

Luis Marshall
02/19/2009 19:49

I'm proud of your dedication and commitment to serve the American Legion. I hope to find a chapter to attend in the near future.

Kenneth G. Kraetzer
02/19/2009 19:51

This looks great.

Howard Heyel
02/19/2009 19:57

Nice job in setting up the web site.

Alden Udell
02/19/2009 19:58

Thank you for sharing,

William T Mahan
02/19/2009 20:00

Good job - Bill

Drew McFadden
02/19/2009 20:02

I enjoyed your website. Good site. Glad to see you guys are so active.
Drew McFadden
County BoysState Chairman

Jose A. Flores
03/05/2009 07:43

Brothers and Sisters it’s great to see the involvement of each of you in the Legion
First allow me the moment to express my sincere gratitude.
Fraternal brothers, Sisters and friends
American Legion Sing Sing Officers Post 1123 is having its first Legionaries Ball on June 13, 2009
At our QWL building located on the shores of the beautiful
Majestic Hudson River which will include awards, dinner, music, Notables
and our Services members
Donations will be at $30.00 per person
Limited to 250 attendees’ the event be will Semi-formal
Ladies: Dresses or Dress suits
Gentlemen: Suit and tie / (Active) Military Dinner Dress Uniform / Legionaries; Covers, Jacket and ties

and In Service to Veterans

Eugene Watkins
09/04/2009 01:14

A very good website. very good information. Keep up the good work

Orange County American Legion

12/03/2009 18:56

To all the active and fallen Correction Officers, Law Enforcement Officers, Firefighters and US Soldiers worldwide who for the sole purpose of keeping us all safe and free in our homeland, gave their lives without prejudice. We as a society in this great nation of freedom tend to forget the many lives lost, families shattered and dreams cut short by their courageous and ultimate sacrifices, they deserve better government care.

A little dedication to another group of special people who we also tend to forget, the crime and terrorists victims of our nation. They too are families with shattered dreams cut short by the lowlife criminals of our society. Also let us not forget those of our Hospitals and Medical Centers throughout America who subject themselves to the daily experiences of tragedy, the airborne diseases that sometimes claim their own lives and the rude patients who make their ability to care for others almost impossible; our Doctors, Nurses and Paramedics of this great nation. They too are the frontline of our society and at times forgotten by many.

Bless you all.

Al Bermudez Pereira

This dedication found in new book, "Ruins of a Society and the Honorable."

Jose A Flores
11/09/2013 14:59

Hey Brother How are you doing, Thanks for your comments. give me a call or write

Jose A Flores SGT

12/03/2009 18:58

Hi, my name is Joe Sanchez. I'm a former Port Authority police officer, NYPD police officer, and New York State corrections officer. I worked at Sing Sing and Coxsackie State Prison, 1989-'92. I'm also a Vietnam combat wounded veteran. I have my own website at: , and on wikipedia, biography, Joe Sanchez NYPD, by "Tony "The Marine" Santiago. I'm a friend of retired correction officer [ Sing Sing ], Al Bermudez, who just came out with his second book, "Ruins of a Society and the Honorable" Many of you gentlemen and ladies, being correction officers or retired, should support him by passing the word, and reading his book. You can contact Al directly to get a signed copy, or going to his website. I'm also a friend of Sing Sing correction officer, Steve Acevedo. I'm honored to sign your guest book. Keep up the good work on your website. God bless our troops and America. -Joe Sanchez

10/03/2013 01:54

Thanks for everything!

10/06/2013 05:07

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